Alan Bohms is a photographer who specializes in nature photography.  Alan is based in Nashville, TN, and is starting his own photography business.  His years of experience as a nature photographer has allowed him to learn about and hone his craft even further.  In the past few years, Alan Bohms has expanded his reach, tried other photography genres, and has even helped younger photographers get better at their craft by introducing them to the many basics of both photography and nature photography.

Over the past year, Alan Bohms has even discovered new ways to capture the beauty of nature while the world was on lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  He says that with the pandemic changing photography, shutterbugs must adapt and learn new ways just as he did.  For instance, practicing at home with a plant or in the neighborhood, or capturing both sunrises and sunsets are great ways to start, Alan Bohms explains.

Also, in the past few months, Alan Bohms has written and compiled a series of blogs on nature photography and other related topics.  He shares some of these blogs of this site.  Here are some of those topics.

Alan Bohms Photography Practice

Being stuck at home can give one plenty of time to practice photography.  Alan Bohms mentions different ways to practice, from taking several shots of a single object from different angles to experimenting with natural light (more on that later).  Photographers can also practice taking pictures of animals such as dogs, cats, and birds, which will prep them for wildlife photography.  Toggling with camera settings and familiarizing oneself with camera gadgets are also a great use of one’s time, Alan Bohms adds.

Alan Bohms Nature photographer

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Alan Bohms blogsite without blogs on nature photography.  In these blogs, Alan shares a broad range of topics.  He shares with everyone some of the best benefits he has reaped from his life’s passion, from becoming more fit and healthy with all the hiking amid the cleanest air on Earth to having a renewed sense of appreciation for the natural world, which is passed on through the images photographers capture.

And these are just two of the topics Alan Bohms will touch on.  Young photographers will also surely appreciate blogs on the technical aspects of photography such as camera settings and tools, lenses, lighting, and accessories.  Speaking of lighting, Alan Bohms will also share some important points in using light when taking pictures.  Finally, there will also be blogs on travel photography as well as how to stay safe while in nature.