Alan Bohms Photography

When Alan Bohms first started in photography, he knew it was something he would be doing for the rest of his life.  He spent those first few months learning as much as he could about the basics, which he suggests young photographers to first do. 

In today’s world, with the global health crisis and all, Alan Bohms says that it might be a good time to polish your skills and get used to the craft even if one is just stuck at home.  Here are some ways to practice and hone one’s fundamentals in photography.

1. Study camera settings

Many times, photography is done during the day or when light is abundant.  A lot of young photographers get used to shooting images with everything vibrant.  This is why many of these photographers struggle to take amazing photographs at night or when conditions aren’t ideal. 

A solid way to overcome this hurdle, according to Alan Bohms, is to learn how to toggle the camera setting.  Experimenting with camera settings can help one understand the capabilities of their camera, as well as their skills.  And since they have time on their hands, they can spend of it learning stuff like presets and other settings that they hardly use.

2. Learn to tell stories through images

Alan Bohms admits that it’s difficult to have pictures that contain a sense of narrative.  But this is what makes it worth practicing.  And with the internet having millions upon millions of images from photographers all around the world, each with a story to tell, studying these photographers helps a young shutterbug develop his or her own sense of storytelling.

3. Practice photo editing

Photo editing has become part of the evolution of the craft of photography.  Nowadays, the number of edited photos of images are staggering – and that’s fine.  Editing doesn’t make the image any less fascinating.  In fact, so many photographers in the world edit a lot of their shots because of poor lighting or when they want to remove some elements in the photo to make it more appealing for sales purposes. 

Alan Bohms explains that learning the ropes of photo editing takes a bit of time.  But it is well worth the effort, especially if a person plans to make money off of his art.

What other tips can you think of?  Feel free to share them with Alan Bohms in the comments section below.