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Top reasons everyone should try nature photography

Nashville native and veteran photographer Alan Bohms has, time and again, expressed how nature photography has become his adventure of a lifetime.  Not only does he get to see the best of what the natural world has to offer, he says that each time spent in the outdoors holds a different experience for him.  This is why Alan Bohms has fallen deeply in love with nature photography, and no one on Earth can change his mind. 

Alan Bohms says that there are just far too many things about the world that are worth falling in love with, from the most-enchanting landscapes to bodies of water that are simply magical to the endless variety of wildlife in their natural habitat.  He encourages everyone to try nature photography at least once in their lives. 

On that note, Alan Bohms shares some of the best reasons people should go on a photography session in the great outdoors.

Health and fitness booster

Nature photographers often do a great deal of hiking.  If they don’t, they’re missing a lot.  Almost every genre of photography allows a person to keep moving, but in this one, they do so outdoors.  According to Alan Bohms, a large part of a nature shoot is a workout, which is good news for the heart and lungs, as well as the muscles of the body.  And being in nature promotes better blood and oxygen circulation, especially when breathing only the cleanest and freshest air.

Stress reliever

Alan Bohms mentions that he is even more appreciative of the benefits nature photography has for a person’s mental health than his or her physical health.  After all, who wouldn’t want a weekend surrounded by the beauty of nature after an entire week being beaten down by the hustle-and-bustle of the city’s fast-paced life?  Nature photography has a way of slowing things down in people’s minds, and allowing them to rediscover who they are and what they want out of life.  It is an incredibly stress-relieving and reenergizing experience.

A renewed appreciation

Millions, maybe even billions of people in the world, have forgotten or simply taken for granted that fact that this planet is everyone’s home.  In one way or another, people have lost their sense of wonder for everything natural, and Alan Bohms mentions that this is a great tragedy.  Through nature photography, people can get that sense of wonder back, along with a renewed sense of appreciation for the natural world.

Alan Bohms is a photographer who specializes in nature photography.  Alan is based in Nashville, TN, and is starting his own photography business.  Click here for more photography tips from Alan Bohms.

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